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Miki Berardelli & Frances Pennington


At the Tory Burch Foundation PR and Marketing Workshop in September, Tory Burch executives Miki Berardelli and Frances Pennington shared their marketing and PR wisdom.



Miki Berardelli

Chief Marketing Officer, Tory Burch


On having a vision

"Differentiators are so key. Take a moment to really list out what makes your vision different and unique, and then just hit that home in every single thing you do."


On social media

"Create different content for each of the social media platforms. It's more work, but it's more effective, and it's a heck of a lot more fun."


On mistakes

"Making mistakes is kind of a good thing, because you learn faster."


On following your gut

"The times that I felt like I made a mistake was about what I didn't do, rather than what I did. Usually I saw something playing out the way I just knew it was going to play out, and I didn't speak up."


On building teams

"Surround yourself with people who have a point of view and aren't afraid to speak up."


On trying new things

"Try something out if you're feeling like it might make sense. But if something's not feeling right, or you're not seeing the growth, walk away."



Frances Pennington

Vice President of PR & Brand Communications, Tory Burch


On believing in your brand:

"You have to love the product and believe in the product. You have to know why it's good and what's good about it."


On events

"Never do an event on Monday because you never know who's going to come. You need Monday to be calling to check that everyone's coming on Tuesday."


On networking

"You need to go and get out to do things."


On good PR vs. bad PR

"Not all PR is good PR. Think about, is it right for the brand?"


On free advertising

"PR is free advertising. That's one of the most important things that there is when you're working to create a brand, something free."


On learning from others

"Understand who does it well. Follow that brand. Rip out everything that they do and ask, 'How can I do this? How can I get there?' Create target lists and goals, because you can get there. You just have to keep trying. "