Mentoring Event in Honolulu


January 24, 2012

E ho' owaiwai kakou means "to enrich together" in Hawaiian mdash; which is exactly what happened when a group of local businesswoman mdash; from finance to food mdash; came together for Tory Burch Foundation's mentoring event in Honolulu. We asked them: What do you love about being a Hawaiian entrepreneur?

Monica Salter

Senior Account Manager, Bennet Group PR


"It's an authentic opportunity to impact this beautiful island community in a meaningful, sustainable and positive way."

Mary Charles

Founder, MC&A; Owner, Hotel Lana'i

"The ability to impact lives of those raised in the islands who often get little exposure to the 'outside' world, broadening their prospective of their own ability and self-esteem. "

Dawn N.S. Chang

Principa, Ku‘iwalu Consulting

"The opportunity to do something that I feel passionate about (facilitating culturally sensitive issues) and being in a financial position to take care of my family. "

Nalani Holliday

Owner and Creator, Red Pineapple and Auntie Nalani's Cookies

"We are a small community, so it is easy to see your impact! It's like being a big fish in a little sea! "

Stephanie Pietsch Gambetta & Noel Pietsch Shaw

Partners, Wahoo Fish Tacos

Noel:"Working within the small business community of Honolulu. We are very supportive of one another."
Stephanie:"Being able to make a difference."

Chenoa Farnsworth

Managing Director, Hawaii Angela

"Bringing our uniquely Hawaiian values and sense of place into business."



Love Chance

Owner, The Indigenous Soap Company

"Being able to make available local plants in the form of soaps to our local people, while also educating visitors by providing a handmade, organic, local gift."

Gwen Pacarro

Complex Manager & Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

"We are afforded a blend of many cultures. We realize no one culture has all the answers, and we are enriched by the sharing and respect of one another."

Tara Boone


"Respecting and learning from the nurturing people who live here."